Storm Water Management


Storm water management

Parking lots serve an important function in storm water management. They are meant to move minor storms quickly and efficiently to the drainage system with minimal environmental disturbance. Parking lot service life can be drastically reduced from improper water drainage.

Rabine Paving offers excellent storm water management solutions for the following:

  • Catch basins
  • Pipes
  • Culverts
  • Detention ponds


Catch basins collect pavement runoff and send it to the storm drain system. Pavement may not drain properly when storm drain inlets are damaged, becoming a tripping hazard or traffic obstruction. Property owners become at risk for liability exposure if not addressed.

Rabine Paving excavates and cleans drainage structures and lines in order to maintain drain system integrity. This process includes removing sediment, debris and other obstacles from existing systems to ensure proper drainage.

Catch Basin Installation and Repair
Rabine Paving installs catch basins when there is no adequate drainage structure in place. It is important to repair aged or damaged drainage structures in a parking lot. Repairing catch basins will minimize water-based deterioration and vehicle damage from compromised pavement.

Porous Asphalt
Rabine Paving has experience in designing and installing porous asphalt, a green solution to storm water management. Porous asphalt’s surface allows water to drain through pavement into a stone reservoir and penetrate the subsoil.

Porous asphalt provides a cost-effective option while offering benefits such as infiltration promotion, improved water quality and reduced damage.

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