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Safety is our number one priority

Rabine Group values the safety of our clients, customers of our clients, team members and the public. Rabine Paving America strives to be a leader of safe initiatives within the paving industry.

Within Rabine Paving, management preaches and practices that the time taken to perform work safely is time well spent. We utilize both our positive and negative experiences as opportunities to improve our culture. Our near miss and incident reviews focus on process improvement utilizing employee input to create both impactful changes and employee ownership. We highly value employee ownership to ensure changes are field inspired, driven and sustained.

Our safety culture is ever evolving to meet our client and project base. Training is assigned by employee position, crew type, and task assignment.

How do we ensure our team, clients and the public are safe at our sites?

  • Proactively working safely
  • Ensuring our policies are followed
  • Training employees to work safely
  • Producing results that provide safe outcomes

Rabine Group companies:

Rabine Group companies:

Rabine Group companies

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