Rabine University

Rabine University was established in 2011. Rabine Paving is home to pavement engineers and experts . Their vast knowledge of parking lot construction, asphalt and concrete mix designs, best practices and safety makes them extremely qualified to teach seminars on subjects many of our clients, team, and colleagues are interested in.

Pavement Design Center

When we moved to our headquarters in 2010, the parking lot needed work. Before starting construction, our engineering team decided to build our parking lot that can showcase of our services and can be used as a research center to test asphalt and concrete products and mix designs. Thus, the Rabine Pavement Design Center was created. Today we show clients and visitors how different pavements age, what pavements last the longest and what kinds of pavement are best for certain areas. We test out new innovative pavements and perfect the construction processes then watch how they compare to other pavements.

Currently we have 15 different pavement types on our parking lot. This includes UltraLot Whitetopping, roller compacted concrete, pervious asphalt, spancrete and stamped concrete. We also hold educational events in which we invite colleagues to install their innovative products as guests watch and learn about the pavement. TrueGrid and Spancrete are two recent products that have been installed this way.


Our seminars can be tailored to fit the needs of your group. Our state of the art auditorium is used to hold seminars, workshops and conferences. Classes are taught by subject matter experts and supported by our team. Our auditorium holds up to 40 people

Schedule a seminar and pavement design tour today to expand your knowledge of the pavement industry.

Rabine University also educates on roofing, pipeline televising and snow removal. Click here to learn more about Rabine University.

Rabine Group companies:

Rabine Group companies:

Rabine Group companies

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